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Virtual reality: from future gimmick to useful business tool

Strategic Real Estate Marketing

Together with the leading brand consultancy Hotz Brand Consultants, Calydo is bringing an innovative piece of VR technology to the Swiss market.

“We have been working on business-relevant applications of virtual reality for quite some time. Now, in exclusive cooperation with the British company Future Tech Labs (FTL), a long-standing expert in virtual reality, a market-ready technology is available that enables real-time interaction in VR, allowing a whole range of new applications in the business sector to be offered in a cost-effective way,” says Patrick Ensslin, VR specialist and Brand Experience Director at Hotz Brand Consultants. The first pilot projects are already underway.

For the first time ever, two-way real-time interactions are made possible

The brand and marketing specialists at Hotz Brand Consultants and Calydo have long been closely involved with the topic of virtual reality and its fields of application. Thanks to the collaboration with FTL, which has also recently taken up residence in the Brand Leadership Building in Steinhausen ZG, the breakthrough is now imminent. FTL's innovative “Multiverse” technology enables two-way real-time interactions between people and brands in VR for the very first time, opening up new fields of application for B2B and B2C businesses.

“Your imagination essentially is the limit,” says Patrick Ensslin. “With the Multiverse engine, the weaknesses of past VR approaches – social disconnect, annoying updates, great expense and a huge adaptation hurdle on the part of the users – are largely a thing of the past.”

“'Multiverse' technology enables companies to create immersive experiences that pay off from a business perspective,” says FTL CEO San Shepherd. He adds: “Building on existing online web processes and technologies as well as buying patterns, Multiverse revolutionises the way businesses interact with customers through VR. We are delighted to be forming this partnership with Calydo and Hotz Brand Consultants – they know how to leverage the technical benefits of Multiverse to deliver VR solutions that offer real added value.”

Find out more about the “Multiverse” technology and its many possible applications in the real estate sector or the field of human resources in our media release.

Media release (in German)

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