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Serve each visitor or customer with relevant content at the right time

Brand & Corporate Communication

Whether on smart websites or at other touchpoints: customers have long expected personalised, tailored and relevant content, and nothing is more important than a sustainable relationship with loyal and committed customers. But smart content also contributes a lot to success in customer acquisition.

More than ever, good customer relations really are the name of the game when it comes to successful marketing. And thanks to new technologies, it is becoming ever easier to maintain them and thus gain loyal and satisfied customers. There are many tools that allow you to target customers intelligently based on their behaviour at different touchpoints.

From customer lifecycle to customer journey mapping

First and foremost, the data must be gathered together to provide a holistic view of the customer. Nowadays, there is a good selection of software solutions, some of which also comprehensively integrate the existing IT landscape. Using data-based insights, critical decision-making moments along customer journeys can be identified and customer interactions can be managed based on context (e.g. next best action, up-/cross-selling, etc.). With a suitable automation platform, customer journeys can be automatically defined, optimised and operationalised – and satisfied, loyal customers can be won. And this is where Calydo comes in, creating personalised content based on the analysis for smart implementation.

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