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CHAMA: A film for all occasions

Strategic Real Estate Marketing

Moving images play an increasingly important role in our projects. Particularly in the marketing of real estate projects, they are becoming an increasingly important aspect of marketing – across a wide variety of touchpoints.

Versatile use thanks to modular design

For CHAMA, a site development in Cham, we developed a cinematic story based on the project's special features, with individual chapters that can be used in a modular way. The large project is actually a small neighbourhood with a park situated right on the banks of the Lorze river, which offers a corresponding range of uses.

One chapter of the film, for example, highlights the various homes on offer, while another emphasises the smart room concepts and flexibly bookable rooms. Sustainable construction is highlighted in another chapter, while bike repair and the existing car and bike sharing scheme are also given their own section.

Standalone chapters for flexible use

The film works as a whole and can be found on the homepage of the marketing website, but the chapters can also be used on a standalone basis if so desired. For example, a cut-down can be used to advertise the residential offer on social media, or teasers on topics such as the co-working spaces or its well-connected location by the Lorze river can be shown on the website.

Add value to landing pages

Cut-downs from modular videos are also ideal for making landing pages more exciting through the use of moving images. The advantages of a project or product can thus be highlighted exceptionally well in text and visual form.

In summary, investing in a video is made all the more worthwhile if it has a modular design and can therefore be used in a variety of ways.

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