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Strategy Communication

Communicative measures for strategy communication and process support

Strategy is, by its very nature, an essential issue for any company. Good communication with employees, customers and the public is also central to its success. We make your corporate strategy tangible and tangible.

Our business consulting and business strategy experts ensure that all relevant stakeholders are informed and involved and support you in anchoring the strategy in the minds and hearts of the people in the organisation and in the teams. So that the strategy does not remain a theoretical paper, but comes to life.

We develop the guiding story with visual core elements

Inspiring and emotional storytelling is the be-all and end-all of communicating strategy or conveying a company's vision. We develop clear core messages - from purpose creation to a clear media strategy to a clear content strategy - which we communicate to the respective stakeholders in an understandable way. This is best achieved with vivid visualisations, for example key visuals or infographics, which make the respective content understandable at a glance. Our event design specialists also create a broad understanding of strategy with corporate events and know how to achieve corporate goals with an appropriate marketing strategy and KPI marketing.

We measure and optimise the measures taken on an ongoing basis

By their very nature, strategies are long-term in nature and are not anchored from one day to the next. We ensure successful implementation through ongoing reporting. By testing, learning and optimising, we can continuously adapt the strategic communication measures and improve processes. In doing so, we also rely on the use of balanced scorecards.


Holistic approach

We think of strategic communication comprehensively and, if desired, also assist management in developing strategy or communication strategies. Comprehensible messages, tailored to the respective recipients, are the be-all and end-all. The important aspects and strategic issues should be illustrated in a simple way and the meaning behind them explained.

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"Strategy communication is successful when the strategy is understood by the organisation, i.e. the employees, and they know how and where they can make their contribution to a successful realisation of the strategy."

Daniel Bärlocher, Head of Marketing Services


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