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Achieving the perfect experience with a new image

Stuber Team

Stuber Team AG is a family-owned business for kitchen and interior fittings and has enjoyed success on the market for three generations. In the course of handing the company over to the third generation, the strategy for the future was refined. Real teamwork, high quality and a strong customer focus are the most important cornerstones for the future. As a further step, together with our sister company Hotz Brand Consultant, we helped the successful SME to create a contemporary and unique image that supports the new positioning.


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With a passion for designing spaces as well as the tangible enjoyment of face-to-face encounters, Stuber Team AG reliably and carefully plans, designs and implements everything from individual pieces of furniture to complex, customised interior and kitchen fittings. Founded in 1963, the company now employs over 60 proven professionals. For more than 30 years, the BLC has enjoyed the trust of the family-owned business and has been able to support it by providing communication solutions of all kinds.

For a digital offer experience

For the Stuber team, the brand and communications were also to be handed over to the next generation, along with the company itself. The company's image was taken further into the digital age with a representative website including functionalities to promote customer interactions. In parallel, a communication strategy was developed that aligns customer needs with their portfolio. The aim was to provide the Stuber team with a framework for issuing communications concerning current business-related issues easily, quickly and consistently. Furthermore, the showroom, which was previously a central element in the customer journey as a source of inspiration, could also be experienced online with a 360° video.

Launch of communications and digital event process

So much successful change also needs to be shared and celebrated. The employees were notified internally about the go-live of the Stuber team's new website and the customers were made aware of the company's new image with the new newsletter. The Stuber team is very active in maintaining dialogue with its customers and partners, at its annual Stuber Days, for instance, which are known even to those outside the region. With the new website, the Stuber team can easily invite their guests online, manage registrations via the website, and keep track of everything alongside a smart and expandable event process.

“Calydo and the whole Brand Leadership Circle has been with us for three generations. Their high quality standards and premium design match our own values, products and solutions. The close collaboration and understanding of our business always produces exciting results.”